Brick’s Gold Rush with $1000 in Prizes New Years Weekend

DSC01310You will not believe how much fun we had searching the trails and fields for treasure chests. This event was a blast and a lot of people headed home with more cash than they showed up with…A LOT more!

Gold Rush Scavenger Hunt!

Jan 1st, 2nd & 3rd 2010

  • Minimum $1000 but might increase based on attendance
  • Start the New Year off right!
  • Ride and hunt, hunt and ride!
  • Fun for all ages!
  • Come hunt for the Gold!
  • You missed the California Gold Rush but you can catch the next one at Brick’s

3 Responses

  • John wrote on 12 21 2009

    The Gold Rush sounds like a great idea! This should bring a lot of people in to the park. I can't wait.

  • TOWNER CREW wrote on 12 28 2009

    Sounds great we will bring the whole crew!!! With the addition of a new ride can't wait. yee..haw...

  • Sheli wrote on 01 04 2010

    We had a blast looking for treasure on the trails. I hope that this is a activity that ya'll have again. We always enjoy our time at Brick's. Thank ya'll for a wonderful place to go have fun.