Brick’s Website Gets Five-Year Makeover!

Screen shot 2010-05-20 at 11.47.35 AMIt’s been five years and way over due, but here we are with the new Brick’s web site.

We plan on keeping this content fresh, new and changing. That’s why we picked the “wordpress” platform for our new site. It will allow us to make quick and frequent posts that will keep you up to date with decisions we make.

If you are a twitter-er, then please follow us on twitter. Scott Brickell promises to tweet several times per month. If you don’t twitter, its easy to sign up…so go for it!

And “Brick’s TV” was replaced with a Channel. If you have a video on YouTube and it isn’t listed, then by all means click the “Contact Us” link and send us a link to your YouTube video. If we like it…you bet we’ll post it on our channel.

And of course everyone will want to have their photo in our new Flickr thumbnails…keep checking back, you too might be there the next time you return.

We hope you enjoy our new site!

2 Responses

  • Brian wrote on 12 06 2009

    It's about time you upgraded this site! It's needed it for two years. Oh, I guess that would have been my fault. :)

  • Kat wrote on 06 09 2010

    Do you all have portable restrooms and shower trailers on site?