Approved/Denied Trucks

Want to enter in the $6000 Mud Truck Challenge?

Email Photos Here to get approved!  Check out the drivers info post HERE

As we approve/deny more trucks to run the slough, we’ll continue to add photos below.

Who Is Driving Away With The Money This Year?

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7 Responses

  • Pitbulloffroad wrote on 05 20 2011

    Where or who is the truck with no seats in it from?

  • dale wrote on 05 27 2011

    some real winners in this lot.

  • Michael wrote on 05 27 2011

    My vote is none of them is going to make it threw the pit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Orfunane wrote on 05 27 2011

    I think Truck #16 (Bryan Moore) will sure give it one hell of a try! Don't judge "Big Red" from the outside... It's what inside that counts! Go "Big Red" Good luck Bryan.. You know who this is from... Your favorite fan!

  • :) wrote on 05 28 2011

    Hmmmmm. What is under the hood?

  • KING! wrote on 06 06 2011

    #3 is a total photochop fake in the pic!!!

  • Orfunane wrote on 06 06 2011

    It's a secret.... :)