Long Jump & Freestyle Ride

During Trucks Gone Wild Weekend we will have several other events in addition to the $6000 Truck Challenge. Directly after the Challenge we will have the popular Long Jump and following that, we’ll have a Freestyle Ride in the monster truck field. We’re getting closer and closer. Looking forward to our biggest yet yet!

Long Jump Info:

  • Trucks that enter this competition will need to have a fire extinguisher on board, a seat belt and a helmet for the driver
  • After everyone has had a chance to do a practice run the competition starts. Everyone will get one attempt.
  • $300 first place
  • $200 second place

  • 2 Responses

    • hunter parks wrote on 05 11 2011

      hey this is hunter parks i can wait to see trucks gone will i am planning on haveing my birthday party there.I love bricks offraod park its not fun until u get muddy

    • Mike Helvey wrote on 06 04 2011

      Gonna be WILD!! Can't wait!!