If You’re Not Here… You’re Missing It

We’re kicking it off tonight with a bang. If you’re not at Brick’s you’re missing the party of the year. There’s bigger trucks more mud and we’re just getting started. Tomorrow we’re starting bright and early so make sure you come out and get ready to get muddy.

4 Responses

  • Marcus Dunn wrote on 06 11 2011

    Bring on the mud n let's see who conquers the challenge this year I say if no one does let the four wheelers see what they got it will be somethin diff n heck of a challenge

  • Allen Bridges wrote on 06 11 2011


  • Ann Williams wrote on 06 12 2011

    Hey Bricks.. Pictures of Truck # 16 are great! Glad he got to lead the pack... I hate it so bad that I missed it. But I won't next time.. And keep having these contest and I will do some more advertising for ya... But I will expect a t-shirt. :) Next time Let me come down there and do some announcing for you... I will get that crowd going... We will make Bricks ROCK! Let's do a fall mud run. I'll even help out. Ya need 2 events a year... Maybe late August that's a good time. We can kick it off right. Word of mouth and face book are your best advertisement! Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend at BRICKS! Keep after BRICKS to have another showdown in late August. Let BRICKS know what you want to see at BRICKS! We will make BRICKS ROCK! Have a great summer everyone and PLEASE drive safe. I want to see everyone back at BRICKS with TRUCKS GONE WILD in 2012!!! Another message from yep.. Bryan's Mom... Truck #16

  • Tom Thomas wrote on 06 14 2011

    Hey I just want to say thanks to Bricks for having the best muddin' event/party/fun time I have ever been to . And I would support a late summer evet as well.