Slough King

The good folks at Hilderbrand Diamond Company located in Polpar Bluff have offered to add to the excitement this year and are going to give a specially designed ring to the winner of the Mud Truck Challenge! But, only if he actually goes the full 300 feet and can get out within the 15 minute time limit. No ring will be awarded to the truck that goes the furthest since they didn’t ‘beat the Slough’.

Make sure you visit there website.  They have some really cool stuff! Anyone else have anything special they want to throw in the pot if someone actually does it this year? Email us here!

One Response

  • Ann Williams wrote on 06 08 2011

    The ring looks very nice. Would be an honor to wear it... I am rooting for Truck # 16 Bryan Moore (Bryan is my son) I am sure that any driver who made it through the Slough would enjoy this! Good Luck Drivers!