Labor Day Muddin’ With The TRAVEL CHANNEL

Well folks, after years of trying for major network coverage our time has finally arrived! The mud is where it is at! Yes, we had the Outdoor Channel come and shot footage for their show “Mudslinger” (which airs mid August), which was awesome! But, we just found out that the Travel Channel has selected Brick’s to be a feature in their one hour special called “America’s Mud”. We are very excited! We really wish that they would have taken our advice and come back in June for our Trucks Gone Wild event, but the big time networks execs were to busy to listen to us rednecks. So, let’s fire up those off road vehicles and let’s really put on a show!

Here is what we think would make for some great footage.

We want to hold a timed truck challenge through a mud bog. This mud bog won’t be too deep. But, you will need at least a 4wheel drive truck to compete. Four tires only! Drivers should have a seat belt, helmet and a fire extinguisher. No passengers are allowed.

The Schedule for this event will be as follows…

Time trials will be held at 2 different times. The first time you have a chance to qualify will be Friday night Sept 2nd from 5-7pm. The 2nd time will be from 9-11am Saturday morning Sept 3rd. The top 50 trucks will compete in the finals, which will be held at 3pm on Saturday afternoon Sept 3rd.

The top three times will be awarded cash prizes. 1st will win $500, 2nd $300, and 3rd $100.

There are no restrictions on horse power or tire size.

This event is designed to look good on camera! Lots a slashing and bouncing! This is your chance to be a STAR!

Next we are going to hold another $6000 Mud Truck Challenge on Saturday September 3rd! This event will be an INVITE ONLY. Only the best of the best from the Trucks Gone Wild event in June will be invited back to take another crack at it. This $6000 will only be paid out if someone makes it through the slough 300 feet and gets out! Joe Crane made it 272 feet in June, so the end is in sight! Driver meeting will be at 11am in the pits at the slough and we will starts at 12 noon.

We know that this will also look good on camera, and we need plenty of folks lined up on each side to cheer these guys on!

Sunday Sept 4th we are going to film rock crawlers at Motor Hill at 11am. We need plenty of spectators there as well.

These events are spectator friendly, so pack up the coolers, grills and campers and let’s show them how we do things at Brick’s!

Special Event Pricing
$30 Friday
$20 Saturday
$10 Sunday
$10 Monday

3 Responses

  • Pitbulloffroad wrote on 08 04 2011

    Are you going to invite the top 10 from the TGW Slough event????

  • Pitbulloffroad wrote on 08 12 2011

    Hey are you going to invite the top 10 trucks from TGW slough event????

  • rod muddin moyer wrote on 08 13 2011

    we will be there cant wait to run my jeep in the mudd bogg