$7000 Mud Truck Challenge

           $7000 Mud Truck Challenge

                         September 1st                                                                         

The Slough is the nastiest mud hole in the country and has never been conquered…EVER!

It has attracted folks from all over the country and continues to be a true test of man and machine.

To qualify for the event, we are hosting five “qualifying weekends” prior to September 1st.

  • March 2-4
  • March 30- April 1
  • May 4-6
  • June 8-10 (Trucks Gone Wild) 
  • July 13-15

The top 12 qualifiers “The Dirty Dozen” from all five weekends combined will be invited to run the finals on September 1st.

No “get out” attempts will be allowed until the Finals on September 1st. We will provide extracting assistance.

No money will be paid out on qualifying weekends. 

To register, please send us an email ASAP including the following required information:

  • Photo of your truck.
  • Truck specs.
  • Include two of the qualifying weekends you are able to run.

We will notify you within 10 days of receiving your email with an assigned weekend for you to qualify. We will do our best to accomodate all driver’s schedules.

Friday August 31st, 2012 Driver Appreciation Dinner

  • Driver and truck group photo at 5PM behind Brick’s Office.
  • Dinner provided for each driver and a guest immediately following the photo.
  • Parade of Trucks through Brick’s following dinner.

Saturday Sept 1st, 2012 $7000 Mud Truck Challenge Finals Weekend

  • Mandatory driver’s meeting Saturday September 1st at 10AM at The Slough.
  • The Challenge begins at 11:00AM.
  • Only the top 15 previously qualified trucks will compete.
  • Only 4×4 trucks can compete.
  • Only vehicles with 4 tires.
  • No skimmer/boat trucks permitted.
  • Run order will be determined by a drawing at the driver’s meeting.
  • Mandatory on-board fire extinguisher.
  • Each run is limited to 15 minutes.
  • $7000 will be awarded to the fastest truck that makes it 300 feet and gets out without assistance.
  • If no one achieves this monumental task, $1000 will be awarded to the driver that goes the furthest.
  • $200 will be awarded to each of the remaining 14 drivers.

Dream it, Build it, Conquer it!