The “Brickell and Son Angus Farm” is switching gears…in more ways than one. After four generations of farming corn to cattle the Brickells have decided to turn their family farm into a 4-wheel-drive-heaven. The new name will be “Bricks Off Road Park.” It will be open to any and all types of off-road vehicles from 4-Wheelers, to dirt bikes, to dune buggies, it even has some technical up hill and rock climbs for the experienced Rock Crawlers. Bricks will be open on specific weekends throughout the year and primative camping is available. Jay Brickell, who lives in Poplar Bluff, has always enjoyed having a place for his family and friends to experience the outdoors and now he is inviting everyone to do the same. He wants this to be a fun family place to ride your vehicle of choice in a scenic environment.

The farm has the spring-fed Beaver Dam Creek running through it, a very steep hill with a ridge top road that runs the length of the farm, and a mud slough that is sure to give even the biggest trucks out there a great run for their money. Jay’s son, Scott, who currently lives in Nashville, has helped to convert the farm into one of the country’s best off road parks. “I have always enjoyed helping my dad raise cattle, bail hay, and fix fence, but we would always end up spending all of our time working…now we are going to start to enjoy the land and have some fun!!!!” comments Scott “I have life long friends that have never been to our farm until I told them what we were doing….now I can’t keep them away.”

The terrain at the farm, which is located south of Poplar Bluff near Lone Hill is perfect for this type of off road park. The rolling hills, and creeks, along with the wavy fields provide plenty of pleasure-riding or tough challenges, whichever fits your mood that day.

Spectators are welcomed and encouraged!!! With the mud pit, donut hole, obstacle course, drag strip and rock climbs, you are definitely going to see somebody tear up their equipment.